About the Academy Category

The MAPO Academy category is for the initiation, discussion, and announcement of research-related projects and grant programs focusing on cross-chain technology, light client and zero-knowledge technology topics, etc.

As the ominichain layer of Web3, MAPO committed itself to pushing mass blockchain adoption, especially since the current blockchain space, although more diverse than before, is still fragmented and potentially risky due to unknown security loopholes. To truly onboard the next billion Web2 users to Web3 or the next generation of internet denizens, MAPO embarks on the cause to secure the foundation of an interoperable and privacy-preserving future.


:woman_student: :student: Our initial goal of the upcoming academic workshops and programs would be education and outreach.

Educating people on cross-chain and zk related topics and getting more experts, scholars, and researchers onboard to conduct solid, well-rounded research could extrapolate cross-chain technology and fulfill the vision of true interoperability.

:rocket: The second goal would be to fund and incentivize research.

Working with researchers in the field, we are currently compiling a list of topics that would be valuable to help us capitalize cross-chain and zk knowledge to drive new breakthroughs. We provide research grants for those willing to take the project on.


workshop: #announcement #discussion
grant: #application, #presentation

Topic Wishlists

1. MAPO Scalability
2. MAPO Interoperability
3. MAPO Efficiency (speed & gas)
4. MAPO DApplications & Best Practices
*5. Cross-Chain Security & General Cross-Chain relating back to MAPO
*6. Light-Clients & zkSNARK relating back to MAPO
*7. MAPO Languages, Libraries and Frameworks
8. MAPO Developer Tools
*9. General MAPO

:seedling: Round 1 MAPO Academic Grants will be rolled soon with more details. Stay tuned!

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