About the Governance category

This category is for discussions on the use and organizations of tools, resources, and people for better & more efficient MAPO governance. When posting, label your topic and add relevant tags so members can read with more discretion. :blue_heart:


Day-to-day informal discussions or inquisitions about MAP Protocol, crosschain, omnichian, and anything about Web3.

  • :person_tipping_hand: discussion: Found an interesting topic and looking for somewhat more in-depth discussion than a discord thread? Post the topic with the discussion tag!
  • :question: question: Got a question related to MAPO? Add the question label when posting!
  • :sparkles: idea-suggestion: Feel like you have a proposal but do not have a solid plan for execution? Label your topic as an idea-suggestion and have fellow MAPOs join the discussion to carve out your idea into an actionable plan!


Formal ideation, suggestions, and propositions for optimizing MAPO organization and governance structures, strategically allocating MAPO resources, and bringing in new resources for collaboration.
When posting a proposal, please make sure you have come up with a plan for action. If not, please go to #idea-suggestion to polish your idea.

  • :dancing_women: partnership: spot an opportunity for collaboration? Share your proposal here and add the #partnership tag.
  • :building_construction: project: want to kickoff a project for MAPO and MAPO community? Submit your proposal first and be sure to label it as #project.
  • :thought_balloon: other: if your proposal doesn’t fit into neither of the tags above, add it to the #other tag.

Proposal Template

When posting a formal proposal on MAPO Forum, be sure to follow the proposal framework or this order.

propose> discuss > consolidate > formal voting > conclude > execute

For formal voting, please go to https://newspace.idavoll.network/


  • Latest formal updates regarding MAPO organizations, programs, initiatives put forward by the MAP foundation.
  • :busts_in_silhouette: organization: updates about MAPO organization changes.
  • :moneybag: funding: updates about MAPO funding allocation and usage.
  • :seedling: program: updates about MAPO initiated programs for building Web3.

:blue_heart: When discussing, be civil to one another.

  1. Treat each other with respect.
  2. Avoid blame, speculation, and inflammatory language.
  3. Commit to learning, not debating.
  4. Criticize ideas, not individuals.

Now drop your ideas and spice up the space! :clinking_glasses: