How does MAP expand its ecosystem?

MAP cannot succeed if it only focuses on technology.
How does MAP expand its ecosystem?

As an old HODL of the map, I have some research of industry.

First of all, technology is basic. especially the innovation technology, the technology of map is innovative, not just amendatory. nowadays, other cross-chain always be explored by hackers. you might say they could improve it, but the technical mechanisms are hard to alter, especially from central to decentralized .so map has a very big opportunity now. technical advantages what I said is about assets safety for the cross-chain user, not need to say the important.

Second, instead of discussing the ecosystem, we should know the price growth is for what? it is basic and simple :

provision less, needing more .

how to make provision less?
how to make needing more?
please think about it.

about the ecosystem, I thinking should start from the blow

Inner community: locked the liquidity token duo to safety and high reward for the community .
Building own algorithm stable coin and crypto loan market, mirror asset dex, this can study LUNA which has locked over 80% liquidity token of Luna. one biggest reason is that LUNA give safety and most reward reason to their community locked their token. the price of Luna has grown for 500X duo to it. 15 months ago, the price of LUNA is the same as MAP. if Map does the same things, I think the price will go up for 50X or 10X at least.

The cross-chain bridge vaults should encourage the community to add, more vaults caps, more fee rewards from every cross-chain transaction getting for community members.

Relayer is for transferring message among different public chain, the role is important and needed locking map to operate if map could develop over 10K relayers, more map is locked, more cross-chain transaction fee is distributed to relayers.

Validators, the map mainnet needs validator, the validator has the reward of maybe 10%-30% APY. which can lock lots of map liquidity and safety.

Map core dev team has developed lots of tools or mechanisms for locking the liquidity, which is much more than anyswap and Thorchain, and map is governed by DAO, map has the opportunity to win from this side.

We map community has so solidified tools and mechanisms, if we community doesn’t unite, in my opinion, outside ecosystem explore is useless. The good signal is that so many folks have joined in relayers and LP incentives. over 10% liquidity has been locked now in almost one month. when validator and vaults commence, when algorithm stable coin launches, the stats will go up to 80% as possible.

outside explore integration with more public chain and dapps, Especially NFT project.

Integration with more public chains as their decentralized cross-chain bridge ecosystem. every public has a grand plan to incentivize more ecosystem projects building it. almost all bridge is central, which is dangerous for the user. public chain needs decentrlized bridge partners, I have asked it from several infrastructure projects using my connections.

Engagement with dapp want to deployment on multichain, map will be their bridge.

give more budget from DAO treasury to incentive app deploy on map mainnet,which will work for map community, the cross-chain function works for the whole crypto community.

if Map is just a public chain, the opportunity is bad now.
if Map is just a central cross-chain like anyswap or Thorchain, the future is darkness.

it is lucky that map is a decentralized cross-chain as the safety of central cross-chain projects is concerned by folks duo to lost money frequently.

as the community members, what we do is to invest in potential opportunities, not present situations.
what we believe is that the core dev team is hardworking every day from the insight of output work.
as an infrastructure project, which token&income distribution model is good for the community, compared to lots of projects are good for the core dev team and VC backed them.

what we community should do is to trust what you had chosen, no matter which reasons you choose map. sadness and watching it outside is bad for you because so high APY is distributing to the buddy who had to make an action now. many folks has got lots of rewards now .come on ,otherwise,the loss belongs to you.

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