MAP Launches a New Model of DAO Governance: GMAP DAO Governance (Trial Version)

MAP protocol’s DAO Governance model will be based on GMAP locking mechanism, and GMAP will be issued on MAP Makalu. As a MAP token derivative, community members can use GMAP to participate in DAO without affecting the liquidity of MAP.

GMAP DAO Governance Model is set up as follows:

  1. Proposals initiated with GMAP are considered valid proposals.
  2. If the supporting ratio exceeds 60%, the MAP Protocol team will discuss with the initiator and make relevant suggestions and executions.
  3. The MAP Protocol team has 33% of the voting rights for each proposal.
  4. Users will receive incentives from locked GMAP.
  5. GMAP DAO Governance Model will have a two months trial period.

We highly encourage our community members to actively participate in our GMAP DAO Governance as DAO is an essential element of MAP Protocol.


which sounds promising. both community and project long-term right are ensued.
I support team should has 33%, it guarantees vicious proposal attack.

what we concern is how to guarantee the map liquidity if we use MAP to mint gMAP

To improve GMAP DAO Governance (Trial Version), the following two contents are added:

  1. Proposal time should not be less than 48 hours.

  2. If the number of voters is less than 10, the proposal is not valid.

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