MAP Protocol Validator 03 #Hank the Crank

Thanks for @HanktheCrank originally publishing the info in Validator Information Thread - #7 by HanktheCrank

Hank the Crank introduction:

Hank the Crank (HTC) is an interdisciplinary team of professionals. HTC is committed to providing secure and stable validation services.

HTC team members have been elected for multiple terms as Governor in other blockchains. The team works to create guides and services to help blockchain communities grow and thrive.


Name: Hank the Crank
Location: Chicagoland area, United States
Languages: English, Dutch


We actively participate in the governance in all of our networks.

Social Media:

Twitter : @hankcrank4one
Telegram: @coinkin_one
Discord: HankTheCrank#8953


HTC is deeply committed to the infrastructure and stable operation of mainstream PoS blockchains. Delegating to HTC will gain top rewards.


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