Where can I get test map tokens to test my contract?

Im trying to test my contract by deploying it in map protocol (Testnet). I have set up the metamask for map test net with 212 chain id. but i couldn’t find any source that provides map test tokens. If anyone could help me with this, would have been a great help to me.
Thanks in advance!


Our network is at the testing stage. Users can use PoC2 network. Please get in touch with us by email([cooperation@maplabs.io), and we will drop you the test token.


Hello Admin,
I had sent an email to the above email id. Please have a look at it. It would be very helpful if I could get the test tokens as soon as possible.

Thank you!

what is your telegram,please give it to admin and then they will connect you directly

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Hello Admin,
1465235862 is my telegram ID. It would be great if we could connect through telegram.

Hey @admin,
Please share the map faucet so we can continue development. Here is the wallet address - 0x828954676f2634D404251f05e4F619FF83f7EceB. telegram - cryptocodyram. E-mail - ram.verma@oropocket.com . Please help us to contribute in your platform. I’ll look forward to hear from you.