Why are Thorchain and Anyswap (renamed as Mutichain) are no match for MAP?

Thorchain and Anyswap both use MPC to manage user assets. This multi-signature is no different from the asset management model of a centralized exchange. All centralized exchanges use this model. Thus, Thorchain and Anyswap (renamed as Multichain) fall into the field of a centralized exchange. In this field, their scale is tiny, and they don’t have a license. The only difference is that they don’t use KYC. ANY and RUNE are, in fact, the platform tokens of centralized exchanges. They are centralized exchanges without KYC procedures at heart. Centralized exchanges used a centralized model to provide ‘cross-chain’ services before the concept of cross-chain emerged. If you want to swap ETH with MAP, all the centralized exchanges can perform way better than Thorchain and Anyswap without considering crypto-hacks and compliance issues. And they have a much larger scale.


it is true. Map is future ,all community should have confidence to build map ,not just as investor,investor role is bad ,joining into dapp of map ,earn more money

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What is the market value of thorchain and anyswap? What is the market value of MAP? How should the map develop?

have three reason.
1 ANY and Thor had operated for 1 year ,but the officially luanching of map is next month,they are earlier than map,so that forwarder;
2 why map is so late?coz map is researching and developing for truely decentrlized cross-chain technology,but Thor and any are central.map is the only decentrlized cross-chain bridge, that is hardy;
3 the time in 2015, Ethereum market cap is also little than other central public chain, but the decentrlized ETH is 314 billion now and others were died.

Cross-chain as the main infrastructure of crypto industry ,needing truely decentrlized and hard technology, Map is in the technical board of IEEE blockchain organization, and backed by softbank.

the small in this step is good for community, that meaning huge growth.

You may check out the market value at CMC market cap. Their market cap for e.g. Thorchain already over 1bil and ranked less than 100. We are cross-chain projects doing the same thing. MAP is potential and coming up.

There are several problems with the MPC mechanism.

  1. Legal risk: The FBI has filed criminal proceedings against the two founders of Bitmex because the platform does not require KYC as a centralized exchange. Bitmex has been kicked out of the mainstream exchanges since then.

  2. Crypto-hack risk: Anyswap and Thornchain have experienced many times of crypto-hacks. According to their released information, they have been stolen hundreds of millions of assets. O3swap’s users lose all their money because the platform was hacked at 600 million dollars due to the MPC model. Users might think that since the project has a solid financial background, the crypto-hack is somehow harmless. However, there are too many loopholes in the MPC model. But what If all of the assets got stolen? Users might lose everything.

  3. Decentralized model on the surface, centralized exchanges in essence.

A genuinely decentralized mechanism does not have security problems, which is why BTC and ETH haven’t had any issues so far. And it is why we believe in decentralization.

map is potential,MPC is dangerous ,it is just cryptic mechanism,not blockchain mechanism. cryptic mechanism is just safety for who hold the private key, thor and any, the users assets key is holded by core team.but blockchain mechanism created by map, the key is holded by map mainnet, not some person.