Category Topics


This category is for discussion and application of the ongoing MAPO community contributor program, MAPO ambassador program, and any projects that will contribute to bootstrapping the MAPO community.

Builders | Partnerships

This category is for developers/builders in Web3 space to be part of the extended MAP family and make the omnichain future a reality. By being part of the extended MAP family, we mean you’re:


This category is for discussions on the use and organizations of tools, resources, and people for better & more efficient MAPO governance. When posting, label your topic and add relevant tags so members can read with more discretion.

Academy | Education

The MAPO Academy category is for the initiation, discussion, and announcement of research-related projects and grant programs focusing on cross-chain technology, light client and zero-knowledge technology topics, etc.


This category is where validators introduce themselves, give a pitch on why the MAP members should vote for them, where would-be validators seek support, and where members can have general discussions on validators.

Development Status Update

This category is where the tech devs share the latest MAP tech update. Mappers can contribute by translating the content to your local language.