[002] Weekly Development Status Update: Oct 18 -- Oct 24, 2022

Weekly Development Status Update – Oct 27, 2022


  • Optimized and modified ‘maxCodeSize’, ‘headerStoreLimit’ and other related core mainnet parameters.

  • Added ‘getEpochInfo’ API and applied it to the Devnet and Testnet for further development and test.

  • Intialized governance contracts set with optimized parameters and depolyed to the Testnet. It is applied with new ‘bn256block’ setting on mainnet for synchronizing data and is ready to release v1.0.0 version.

  • The atlas github repo is under audit.

  • Maintained MAP Protocol Mainnet and updated related docs.

MOS, Map Omnichain Services:

  • Manged and organized MOS hardhat package

  • Revised and organized MOS hardhat deploy script