Builder Grants Template

To MAPO Omnichain Builder Grants Receivers:

:sparkles: :clinking_glasses: Congratulations for receiving MAPO Omnichain Builder Grants! Let’s work together expanding the MAP omnichain dynamic ecosystem and making a secure, interoperable, and seamless omnichain future a reality!

Transparency and decentralization is MAPO’s guiding principle, so all individual or group builders who have received the MAPO Omnichain Builder Grants please give an intro about you and your project as well as a more specific and solid plan (the key results) for using the fund.

Here’s the template for you to get started :seedling:


Your post title should be your project name with its unique selling points :sparkles:
Example: BeFi Wallet: Multi-chain Permissionless Wallet

Project Info

  • Give you and your project a brief intro; you can include your project social links, website links, and whitepapers here]

People who will work on the project

  • Name: It can be a moniker! :mage:
  • Background: You can include their LinkedIn/GitHub or any other links that can validate their identity & competency.
  • Responsibilities: What will this person be in charge of for the project?

Goals/ Milestones/Key Results

[Please list out your project milestones and estimated budget for each step and when are the expected delivery dates for each milestone?]

In what aspects of your project can expand the MAPO omnichain ecosystem?

[Let the MAPO community know how your project will contribute to the omnichain future; ]

Discord Handle

[Leave ur discord handle or other contact info if you like to open opportunities for future project partnerships]

:blue_heart: MAPO Builder Grants is still open. Follow the steps in MAP Omnichain Builder Grants Program - Builder - MAP Protocol Forum to apply for a grant and kickstart your omnichain journey!