[Election] Term 1 - MAP Technical Committee (MTC) Election Q4 2022

Governance Election: Term 1 Q4 2022 – MAP Technical Committee Election Application

Date: 10/18/2022

Submission Period: 10/18/2022 - 10/24/2022

Election Period: 10/26/2022 - 11/3/2022 (Idavoll)

:bell: According to the MTC announcement, there will be 5 (potentially 6) seats open for Term 1 MAP Technical Committee.

  • The Committee is responsible and accountable for reviewing grant projects from technical perspective and giving feedback, and assessing the progress and results of projects.

  • The Committee has a quorum with five members and is otherwise responsible for their own operations.

  • The MAP Technical Committee is required to be transparent and communicative with the DAO, such as access to Committee meetings and an opportunity to voice opinions and feedback.

The voting period will last one week and will take place on Idavoll

  • MAP Technical Committee Applications will be submitted and decided on by a weighted Idavoll vote, and the highest 5 (potentially 6) voted applications will be elected into the TC Committee.

  • Any unelected candidate can gather feedback, improve their resume, and resubmit for future vacancies.

  • Committee members can be recalled by Idavoll with a simple majority. Committee members may leave the Committee at any time by submitting a written resignation note to the Committee.

To submit your application you must reply to this post by including:

1. Introduction

  • Introduce yourself briefly such as your overall background in blockchain as a reply in this post ONLY.
  • :x: Do not create a separate post for self-intro.

2. Qualifications

  • Link your GitHub/LinkedIn/Twitter/Reddit, published papers, or any platforms/ credentials that speak for your experience and technical background in blockchain, especially in light client and zk technology.

3. Discord handle

  • Add your discord handle if you’re in MAP server.

Additional Info

  • Elected TC members can serve consecutive terms but still need to go through the election process.
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1. Introduction

Phil Lau
MAP Protocol Core Developer, IEEE Computer Society Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Standard Committee member, has more than 13 years of experience in large-scale computing and algorithm, with many patents such as consensus algorithm and blockchain transaction.

2. Qualifications

3. Discord handle

  • philllau#6053

1. Introduction

I am a full professor and University Leadership Forum Chair, School of Computer Science and Engineering, Nanyang Technological University. My current research interests are related to Cybersecurity, Software Engineering and Artificial Integllence. I am also the Programme Director for HP-NTU Digital Manufacturing Corp Lab, Deputy Director of the National Satellite of Excellence of Singapore and Cluster Director in Cybersecurity, Energy Research Institute @NTU.

2. Qualifications

  • Co-founder & CEO @ MetaTrust Labs
  • University Leadership Forum Chair Professor @ NTU
  • Director of Cybersecurity Lab @ NTU
  • Director @ National Trustworthy AI Centre Singapore Singapore National Research Foundation
  • Investigator PI of 40M USD Research Grant
    For more info please view LIU Yang's home page at NTU

Thank you!



Core developer of MAP protocol, years of experience in blockchain algorithm and contract development, contributor to many mainstream blockchains and Swap protocols. Now mainly engaged in contract and GameFi interaction design.

2. Qualifications

1. Introduction
MAP protocol core developer, years of experience in blockchain protocol development, contributor to several blockchain and cross-chain projects, with several patents on blockchain and cross-chain. Now mainly engaged in cross-chain contract design and development.

2. Qualifications

  1. Introduction
    Core developer of MAP protocol,years of experience in blockchain development,contributor to many mainstream blockchains. Currently focused on Blockchain Development and Cross-chain Technologies.

  2. Qualifications
    github: mapdev33 Β· GitHub

Adamu is my name,
A DAO contributor and advocate
Has marketing and community management experience.
Currently a DAO worker at FIO protocol