Eth-map and usdc-map LP APR on hiveswap will be 580%

In order to strengthen the infrastructure of the MAP ecosystem, we will initiate a voting process to reward the users who provide map-eth and map-usdc liquidity on hiveswap.
APR is 580%.

  • Based on the change of liquidity pool, any members from the community and core development team are entitled to propose APY adjustments.
    The implementation of the proposal is subject to community voting instead of the core development team.
  • Proposed by MAP developer -

MAP 프로토콜 생태 기초시설을 강화하기 위하여 유동성채굴에 대한 제안을 제출합니다.
HiveSwap에서 eth-map 및 usdc-map 유동성 채굴 APY를 580%으로 제안합니다.

*LP풀의 변화에 따라 커뮤니티 구성원과 핵심 개발자는 APY 조율에 대한 제안을 제기할 수 있습니다. 제안의 실행 여부는 커뮤니티 투표 결과에 따라 결정되며, 핵심 개발자들의 의사에 따라 결정되지 않습니다.

Background: MAP Crosschain testnet is currently running and the official mainnnet will be launched this quarter. DAO governance is currently underway. 21% of the total tokens will be allocated as DAO vault and will be determined by community DAO. Crosschain is mainly influenced by the swap liquidity. With more liquidity, users can enjoy more convenient transactions.

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  1. Choose the bridge( and change ETH and USDC on the Ethereum to the MAP makalu testnet
  2. Add liquidity of map-usdc and map-eth to gain LP reward.
    Voting period: 5 days
    Voting date: 11:00,January 24, 2022-11:00,January 29,2022 (Singapore time)

:tada: The development team will provide the following rewards to users to celebrate the governance process.
This is the first time of MAP DAO governance relates to community interests. Despite the voting results, the MAP development team decided to take 100,000 MAP tokens(Does not occupy community DAO vault funds) to celebrate the official MAP DAO and reward the users who participated in the voting via airdrop. Community admins will arrange a MAP airdrop for the relevant users on the MAP testnet after the voting.
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