MAP Protocol Validator 08 #

At Blockscope we are blockchain enthusiasts, team of Computer Engineers with broad experience having worked for biggest banks and telco companies in Spain. Running professional services on 20+ PoS chains. Dedicated servers located around the world, providing a 0% CO2 footprint :seedling:.

Blockscope has 2 business verticals:

:package: Validator operations, in multiple chains including Cosmos and Polkadot ecosystem. We also run Relayers, RPC’s and other infra for our customers.

Validators in: Near, Mina, Solana, Moonriver, Velas, Cartesi, Forta, Polkadex, Oak Network, Zeitgeist,, Umee, Gravity Bridge, Map Protocol, Ixo, Kichain, Asset Mantle, Galaxy, Terp Network, Omniflix.

:gear: Software engineering, building tools for blockchain projects such as Near, Solana, Sui, Umee, Injective.

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:seedling: Ecologi CO2:

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Discord: feida |