MAP Protocol Validator BwareLabs #07

BwareLabs Introduction:

BwareLabs ( is a web3 infrastructure company providing decentralized RPC/WSS APIs, validator, indexing and bridge operator services. Our core objective is to improve the developer experience within a blockchain ecosystem.

Blast is our main product, which is a decentralized API platform with support for 17 networks currently (
Using Blast developers are able to bypass all the hurdles involved in running their own infrastructure thus reducing both their outage risks and infrastructure costs.

On the validator side we have more than 100M staked across all our validators, and we cover a wide range of technologies such as L1, L2, Tendermint, Substrate and Indexing solutions such as the Graph.


Name: BwareLabs
Location: Bucharest, Romania
Languages: English, Romanian

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Telegram - Telegram: Contact @bwareLabs
Discord - BwareLabs
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