MAP Protocol Validator Maffaz #06


Maffaz is a seasoned software developer with a wealth of experience in establishing and operating validator nodes across multiple blockchain networks. His involvement in the blockchain community stems from a deep-seated passion for this cutting-edge technology, and a belief in its capacity to bring about meaningful change across numerous areas of our lives.

As both users and active contributors to various blockchain communities, Maffaz embodies a steadfast commitment to the principles of decentralisation and individual empowerment that underpin these groundbreaking technologies.

The objective of Maffaz is to be a driving force in creating a future that prioritises security, transparency, and fairness. With a focus on trustless systems and the ideals of efficiency and accountability, Maffaz aims to be a prominent figure in the growth and development of multiple blockchain networks through its validator operations.


Name: Maffaz
Location: Breda, Netherlands
Languages: English (native), Dutch (basic)


Maffaz is a steadfast advocate of decentralisation and has a proven history of promoting network growth through active community engagement and participation in governance across all blockchain networks.

Social Media:

Twitter : @MaffazO
Telegram: @MaffazO
Discord: Maffaz#5442


Maffaz is deeply committed to the infrastructure and stable operation of mainstream PoS blockchains.