Newly-created group chat for MAP community “Crosschain MAP”

MAP Protocol English community currently has over 54000 users from all over the world. Thank you very much for your love and attention.

In addition to the leading group, there are currently the Korean community, Vietnamese community, Russian community, Turkish community, etc. Everyone can enter the corresponding group to communicate according to their language situation.

As the number of users increases, we want to create a new group chat, “Crosschain MAP”

“Crosschain MAP” group targets :
:white_check_mark: Users who follow up the cross-chain field and desire to share their views and discuss

:white_check_mark: Jointly carry out DAO governance to make reasonable use of DAO Treasury funds

:white_check_mark: Regularly invite big celebrities in the blockchain industry to the group chat to give interviews

:white_check_mark: Real-time interaction with Uniswap, Hiveswap, Forum, Alpen, and other platforms.

:white_check_mark: Giveaway rewards (for example a whitelist of projects or airdrop of coins, etc.)

Entry qualification:
If you have more than 5000 maps, you can enter the “Crosschain MAP” group chat.

Welcome to join us!


Crosschain map good joob

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