[Proposal] Community Contributor/ Community Ambassador Grant Proposal

Title: Community Contributor Grant Proposal #2022-10-A002

Author: jennie332#1156

Date Created: Oct 10, 2022

Date Published: Oct 11, 202


I would like to propose establishing a MAP Community Contributor program or MAP Ambassador Program for empowering mappers to contribute to MAP marketing efforts and introducing MAP’s strong tech foundation to the Web3 community as a whole.


  • MAP Mainnet was launched successfully on August 31, 2022 and since then we’ve gained more attention than we did before. However, with MAP’s solid tech foundation, I believe we deserve more recognition. To achieve that, we’ll need to find and engage those who are interested in and would like to know more about MAP Protocol. A community contributor program will be perfect to do that and also to scale up MAP Protocol’s influence in the blockchain and Web3 space.

  • The program will be open to anyone who would like to be the missionary for MAP Protocol and who wants to make contributions for bootstrapping MAP Protocol’s expanding ecosystem & community. It will operate in a bottom-up laissez-faire manner; the team can of course provide participants some guidance and help when necessary.


How will they participate?

  • Participants will need to submit their published content to a google form for review before claim for rewards.

General Selection Criteria (for those will receive the reward):

  1. The work that contributors do must be something that will bring MAP Protocol more recognition, either in online media or local Web3 groups.
  • For example, they can publish PR articles about MAP crosschain/omnichain, informative blog write-ups, and YouTube explainer videos that increase MAP’s follower numbers. They can also organize and operate in MAP Protocol’s local community or SNS platforms, promote validator recruiting, etc.
  1. Contributors must be holders of $MAP token and understand MAP Protocol’s underlying cross-chain mechanism or the instruments used for MAP’s fully secure cross-chain solution such as MAP Protocol SDK, light-client, etc.

  2. :red_circle: Contributors should keep their work as part of their ongoing and long-term commitment for MAP Protocol!!!

Who will review the submitted work?

  • MAP foundation, aka, the MAP team should screen submitted work first and then evaluate the quality of selected work so the rewards will be weighted, instead of giving out rewards regardless of the quality.

Financial Implication

  • Those contributors will receive rewards for the work they’ve done, and that reward should be something long-term with value not a one-time payment.

  • I suggest that we should take 5 million $MAP from Ecosystem DAO as the MAP Community Contributor Grant or MAP Ambassador Grant to encourage members to make long-term contributions and become the MAP missionaries in the Web3 world.

Next Steps

Once the proposal is approved, the following actions should be taken:

  1. Send out contributor google forms across MAP community and MAP socials;
  2. MAP team starts to review and update the submission status to the community;
  3. MAP team selects the submissions and communicates the rewards distribution scheme to the community.

Thank you for reading. Feel free to chime in and add your thoughts on the proposal!


  • Good idea
  • Not a good idea

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I would like to ask about the reward criteria.
Can previously published promotional content be considered as valid content?

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If the proposal content is approved, I hope to announce the detailed list of winners and the amount of the award

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Is it possible to cite detailed cases?

Sounds like a good idea to me! MAP really needs more marketing effort plz!!!

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In order to avoid those pesky bounty hunters, I believe that the most effective approach is to find and work with the ambassadors in our Discord community. By choosing a highly active user and offering them an ambassador role, we can build a strong partnership that allows us to communicate and strategize effectively. Additionally, this will help us to better understand the needs and interests of our community members, allowing us to tailor our strategies and outreach programs accordingly. Ultimately, building relationships with our ambassadors will allow us to stay one step ahead of the bounty hunters, making it easier for us to achieve our goals without interference.

How to distribute the reward and how to monitor the ambassador’s work I think needs to be more clear and fair


hmm, no only new content published after the contributor program is live can be submitted for receiving rewards!

yes, will roll out a clearer road map for reward distribution this week

Good way to involve community.

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Thank you all for reviewing and commenting on this proposal. The poll has been open for a week, and the sentiment looks all positive. I think it’s safe to move to the next step – the formal voting.

Once the proposal has passed, the detailed metrics will be designed by the MAP foundation.

Please vote here :sunny: https://newspace.idavoll.network/proposal-detail/QmYeVDthZ3gXXrmt48nxMTs9UceZ3tjZZ1H5s9Z7Po4o2T

Thank you ALL!

Congrats! Your proposal has passed on-chain voting.