[Proposal] Klaytn Light Client Development #2022-12-A-001

Author: Musala (Community Dev)
Date Created: Dec 12
Date Published: Dec 12

Enable cross-chain service between Klaytn and MAPO

​Since Klaytn Chain has very large ecosystem, it is a must-connected chain for MAPO to expand its omnichain ecosystem. Hence, the light clients implementation is the very first approach to achieve this final goal. According to MAPO’s tech spec, a pair of light clients needs to be built on both Klaytn main chain and MAPO relay chain to enable cross-chain service. The light client on those two chains will be responsible for verifying blocks coming from the other chain and validating user’s cross-chain transactions.


  • Research and analyze on the consensus engine of Klaytn Chain

  • Extract core data structure for proof construction

  • Develop smart contracts that are responsible for block header verification, proof verfication and block synchronization

Next Steps
The team is in progress of researching on Klaytn Chain and Map Relay Chain. They are also learning contracts logic from light client repo in MAPO official github. After this forum discussion, the team will make a formal proposal and publish it to MAPO on-chain governance and start developing related logic.

  • Let’s enable
  • Do not enable

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  • Very supportive. Looking forward to it。
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It’s will be amazing to both team

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  • Is it safe? I’m looking forward to it.
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Yes, the light client enables a trust-less and safe way to cross assets

It’s amazing to think of :fire:

Hope there are measures to checkmate the security status of the Klaytn light clients.

This is important so that a breach in one party won’t lead to an override of the whole system

it’s worth researching on! Let’s do it!

Oh! Klaytn love it :sparkling_heart:

A good idea! Let’s do it!

This interaction actually will aid massive growth on both end…

Though a thorough security check be made

Klaytn will love this :fire: