[Proposal] Map protocol marketing guild #2022-11-A002

proposal number #2022-11-A002
Author(s) : Happy_Stephen#7414
Date Created: : 13-11-2022
Date Published: 14-11-2022


this is bout the establishment of a marketing guild which will assist core team in the marketing section/area of the protocol

Marketing is important because ,it allows businesses to maintain long-lasting and ever-present relationships with their audience. It is not a one-time fix, it is an ongoing strategy that helps businesses flourish. It engages: Customer engagement is the heart of any successful business


INTRODUCTION ; My name is Happy Stephen am a 400 level student of akwa ibom state university i have been affiliated with near protocol where i take several roles and positions in the bulding of near protocol , i am the founder of near university hub , once a core team member of near protocol nigeia and also the core team of near stars for influncer marketing
I am a web3 builder , digital marketer , and community specialist. I am definitely good at building a campaign managing ambassador program , market research , youtube marketing , twitter marketing , email marketing , google ads campaign still learning seo marketing , linkedin marketing and qoura marketing believe marketing is large and am taking everything step by step
Map protocol MARKETING ; I can see @rabbit_11bit and team are doing an interesting job in the marketing sector of the protocol especially on the newly establishment of the ambassador program but since map protocol is a coomunity driven project and we have active community members who are also specialize on marketing we don’t just want to fold our hands and watch we want to contribute to the success of map protocol and that’s why I am creating a marketing guild for marketers

Who will make up the guild ; the guild will be made of all individuals specialize in different marketing
Email marketers , youtube marketers , twitter marketers , business development , linkedin marketers , qoura marketers , market research and survey , seo marketers , copy writers , and many more

How will they help map protocol grow; we would carry out market research and surveys on any product we launch , take feedbacks from the community and we forward them to team for solution , we would push email marketing , youtube marketing , twitter marketing , google analytics to know current trends so we can give them to our ambassadors to use on their hashtags while trying to create awareness search optimization marketing , and many more to make sure we push map protocol to potential investors

Team size and onboarding ; the team will be consist of 5-10 marketing comrades
when this proposal has pass the voting process i will create a google form to onboard marketers i will work directly with team to onboard the right candidate

Financial Implications

marketing tools will need funding such as running an ad campaign , paying for the services we will be using for the marketing campaign
we will always request for funding on a monthly basics
we will make clear goals of what the funds will be use for and we will via a forum proposal and voting system

the 5-10 marketers will have a monthly incentives of $300-$500 depending om their workload

’ Success Metrics or KPIs
the kpi of this campaign would strongly rely on how many people who didnt know bout map protocoll get to know bout map protocol
how many joined our community
how many new users turn out to be active community members
taking out surveys on newly product and working directly with team to create a solution

Squad & Lead

i will be leading the marketing guild puting 42 hours a week to ensure the success of the guild
other members will be onboarded

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this looks good, but i think they mentioned a contributor program before? Is it similar to what you mentioned?

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hello @itsbeenawhile its really nice to see you have been reading much on our governance forum

@rabbit_11bit made a proposal bout the establishment of the contributor program/Ambassador program which the ecosystem sees as a good idea to boost the general awareness of mapo protocol

at the moment the mapo protocol has three grant system
BUILDING GRANT to support developers to build on mapo

the contributor program falls under the community grant

so as the marketing guild am planning on establishing

the sole purpose of the community grant is to give active community members the previledge to take part in the growth of mapo

if you have an idea which will help mapo protocol grow you can apply for the community grant