Proposal Summary (11-15 Apr)

Proposal Summary (11-15 Apr)

  1. Eliminate unnecessary liquidity

The proposal was accepted, with 68.24 percent of the total agreeing to it.

According to the proposal, MAP-USDT and MAP-ETH liquidity mining APR on Hiveswap will be adjusted to about 18%.

  1. I want MAP single staking

The proposal was dropped due to low approval percentage of 40.05%.

With communities and initiatives, we see great staking demand for single-currency staking, but nothing else makes sense. MAP is on a path to progress and elevation and we can make progress through our efforts.

MAP Protocol users can enjoy staking rewards by participating Relayer or Gmap.

After that, we are going to open the Validator (single currency staking) function soon. We welcome you to be our Validator to maintain the MAP’s main network together and gain profits.

Thank you very much for your participation.

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i agree it very much