Proposal Title: Implementation of Strict Penal Measures for Nodes That Are Long Inactive

Proposal Number: [To be assigned]

Proposer: Diamond hea


  1. Abstract

This proposal aims to implement strict penal measures against nodes that are long inactive and pose a security risk to the network. Specifically targeting the node 0x786abc9806a18792018eefbd37d3b6ff27686d88 cloud+,
0x5bc286e356f92fe1baa649c895d5fe2bf70907a4 Kelly ,Fund0x19c0c557de285a08709a0eee5193f5007ae943af LXDAO ,(hereinafter referred to as “the target node”), due to its prolonged inactivity, we propose specific penalties as a means to maintain network stability and security.

  1. Background

Active participation of nodes is crucial for maintaining the security and stability of the network. The prolonged inactivity of the target node not only violates the community’s participation standards but also poses a potential threat to the healthy operation of the network.

  1. Objectives

To promote a sense of responsibility among node operators and stable operation of the network through the implementation of strict penalties.
To ensure fairness and transparency in network participation.
To maintain the long-term health and security of the network.

  1. Proposal Details

4.1 Penal Measures

Based on the inactive status of the target node and its potential impact on the network, the following penal measures are proposed:

For every 10,000 blocks stopped: Penalize the node registrant 5% of the 1 million mapo staked.
For continuous inactivity over 24 hours:Penalize 10%.
If the validator node has not operated normally for a continuous 7 days:The node will be permanently removed from the validator list, and all stakes will be automatically released, with the validator’s 1 million mapo stake being forfeited.

4.2 Implementation Steps

Immediately issue a warning to the target node operator, clearly indicating their violation and potential penalties.
Publish detailed information about the penal measures on the community platform to enhance transparency.
Execute the penalties according to the regulations set forth in this proposal, based on the response and corrective actions of the target node.

  1. Expected Outcomes

Increase node operators’ attention to network participation, ensuring stable operation.
Reduce the number of inactive nodes in the network through strict penal measures, enhancing the overall performance and security of the network.
Establish clear standards to deter future violations.

  1. Conclusion

For the long-term health and stability of the network, it is necessary to implement strict penal measures against nodes that are long inactive. We call on the community to support this proposal and work together to maintain the security and fairness of the network.

Please adjust the content and details of the proposal according to the specific circumstances of your community. Once completed, submit the proposal through the official channels of the community for review and discussion. Ensure that the proposal is articulated clearly for the full understanding of community members.