Round 1 MAPO Academic Grant Q4 2022

The Foundation is sponsoring a wave of grants to support MAPO-related academic work. All of the details you’ll need to apply can be found below.

The Foundation welcomes more academics to the table to push forward formal academic research in related domains. Such domains include theoretical and applied cryptography and mathematics, zero-knowledge proofs, economics, computation, cybersecurity, protocol and consensus mechanisms, formal verification, P2P networking, and hardware, just to mention a few areas.

Read the following before you decide to take on the research endeavor.

Submit Proposal

Individual researchers with academic backgrounds, research centers, universities, think tanks, educators, and other stakeholders interested in research on matters related to MAP Protocol’s omnichain ecosystem, cross-chain technology, light-client, and zk technology are encouraged to apply.

We welcome research at any stage, whether it’s a new idea based on the wishlist, or a project that furthers MAPO-related research you’ve already undertaken.

Grants will be awarded on a case-by-case and rolling basis. You may enter more than one proposal as long as each proposal is unique and meets requirements.

:seedling: Submit your application here.


Submit your application by December 15th 2022. We will follow up regarding your submission by email.


  • Proposals can be in English or Chinese or Korean
  • Work must be open source
  • Reports must be accessible by a url
  • The research output should have more than 1000 words


:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Surprise us with your creativity! But here are a few selection criteria considerations:

  • Impact of the proposed research output.
  • Quality of work and experience of the research team.
  • Clarity, conciseness, and organization of the proposal.
  • Contribution to the wishlist areas.
  • Potential of long-term involvement in the MAPO ecosystem.
  • Analyses or visualizations that help a non-technical audience gain insight into the research.


The Foundation is interested in research and academic output in the following domain areas, but don’t let this restrict your creativity. Check out our wishlist here.

Next steps and support

For any general support question or details of your submission, please join Discord


Who can submit proposals for MAPO Academic Grants?

Teams or individuals involved in relevant research. Academic institutions, consortia of universities, research centers, universities, think tanks and individuals with prior research experience.

What is the duration of the research project?

Usually between 1 to 6 months, but we are open to some flexibility depending on the project proposal.

What is the expected output?

Formal, open-source research output. Be it a research paper, an experimental report, or some sort of comprehensive research output. Whatever the output, the information should be open-source and available for the broader community to use. The Intellectual Property can still be owned by the research team, but it is key that the output is open source.

Round 1 MAPO Academic Grant Wishlist

  • Cross-chain interoperability
  • Light client
  • Use of Zero-knowledge proof in cross-chain space
  • Technical comparisons of bridge/interoperability solutions
  • Omnichain DiD/ENS/Oracle
  • Other omnichain applications
  • MAPO Scalability
  • MAPO Interoperability
  • MAPO Efficiency (speed & gas)
  • DApps on MAPO & Best Practices
  • Cross-Chain Security & General Cross-Chain relating back to MAPO
  • Light-Clients & zkSNARK relating back to MAPO
  • MAPO Languages, Libraries, and Frameworks
  • MAPO Developer Tools
  • General analysis of MAPO
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