Add other languages to MAP Protocol's Website

Currently, MAP Protocol’s website only has one language — English. But I think more languages should be added for the following reasons:

  1. MAPO community is a diverse community. We have people from places where English is not their native languages, and adding their own language will be better for them to understand MAP Protocol.
  2. Localized websites get more local attention. Although I’m pretty comfortable with reading English, but I would often prefer contents written in my own language, and I believe this applies to many non-English speakers. Adding the local language will help MAPO to extend its influence

Based on my research on MAPO, I believe those languages should be added: Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and Indonesian.

What do you think? Any other languages to be added?


Yes, I agree with this suggestion. I’m not a native speaker and I prefer read in my native language first. Adding local languages is also a great way to onboard crypto-curious people in our local region.

Let’s translate the website content! I think this is very good!