Among the many other cross-chain projects, are there any competitors?

Thorchain and Anyswap both use MPC to manage user assets. This multi-signature is no different from the asset management model of a centralized exchange. All centralized exchanges use this model. Thus, Thorchain and Anyswap (renamed as Multichain) fall into the field of a centralized exchange. In this field, their scale is tiny, and they don’t have a license. The only difference is that they don’t use KYC. ANY and RUNE are, in fact, the platform tokens of centralized exchanges. They are centralized exchanges without KYC procedures at heart. Centralized exchanges used a centralized model to provide ‘cross-chain’ services before the concept of cross-chain emerged. If you want to swap ETH with MAP, all the centralized exchanges can perform way better than Thorchain and Anyswap without considering crypto-hacks and compliance issues. And they have a much larger scale.

currently, there is no decentralized cross-chain on the market. Thorchain and Anyswap are not competitors of MAP. Their true competitor was Bitmex before the FBI filed it.