Congratulations MAP Protocol on the NEAR Protocol Grant!

Let’s give a big round of applause to MAP Protocol for securing the grant from NEAR Protocol. It’s fantastic news and a testament to MAP’s hard work and innovative ideas. This collaboration will undoubtedly fuel further development and growth for the MAP ecosystem. We can’t wait to see how this grant accelerates their omnichain technology for both EVM and Non-EVM connectivity. Exciting times ahead for MAP Protocol!


Well-deserved! MAP Protocol’s tech is taking blockchain interoperability to new heights.

This grant recognizes the potential of MAP’s omnichain approach. Impressive achievement!

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Congratulations, MAP Protocol! This collaboration with NEAR Protocol is a game-changer for the blockchain ecosystem. #BlockchainGrants #InnovationUnleashed

Wow, exciting news! MAP Protocol’s receiving grants from NEAR Protocol is a significant step forward in advancing blockchain technology. #Partnership #BlockchainDevelopment

Thrilled to see MAP Protocol being recognized and supported by NEAR Protocol. This will surely drive more innovation and growth in the blockchain space. #TechAdvancement #BlockchainCommunity

A well-deserved grant for MAP Protocol! Looking forward to witnessing the positive impact this partnership will have on the crypto world. #BlockchainAdvancement #Grants

NEAR Protocol’s support for MAP Protocol is a testament to the potential of their work. Together, they’ll bring new possibilities to the blockchain landscape. #Collaboration #BlockchainInnovation

As a blockchain enthusiast, I’m stoked about this news! The grants from NEAR Protocol will undoubtedly fuel MAP Protocol’s progress and benefits us all. #CryptoDevelopment #ExcitingTimes

Big congrats to MAP Protocol on securing grants from NEAR Protocol. The future of blockchain just got brighter with this powerful alliance. #BlockchainProgress #GrantsAwarded

This partnership sets a great example of how blockchain projects can support and lift each other up. Kudos to MAP Protocol and NEAR Protocol! #StrongerTogether #BlockchainUnity

NEAR Protocol’s decision to award grants to MAP Protocol shows their confidence in the project’s potential. Can’t wait to see what they achieve together! #BlockchainCollaboration #TechInnovators

It’s fantastic to witness collaboration within the blockchain space. Congratulations to MAP Protocol for receiving support from NEAR Protocol. Onward to new heights! #BlockchainPartnership #GrantsAwarded