Crosschain fee should be 0.1%( not 0.4% as same as celer and anyswap ) to attract more crosschain transaction user

if the cross-chain fee charged by map be 0.1%, which will be hugely lower than Anyswap and Celer.

that will get much more cross-chain chain users for map economic system.

Celer and Anyswap is about 0.4% fee for cross-chain users.

Map is more security and a lower fee, will win this war absolutely.

I think this lower fee (0.1% )must be decided by the core team and DAO

Our MAP community should give a long-term eye to see this.

more cross-chain users , more higher token price. our map success more earlier !

the fee is not important in firstly,
maybe the relayer and vaults LP adding person would feel not good.

but our community could give more incentive using MAP DAO treasury to reward LP in vaults and relayers.

in normal, if a user cross-chain 100M, the whole map economic system charge 1000U as a 0.1% fee.

this will distribute to LP adding person who is responsible for value liquidity and relayer who is in charge of transactions and messages in the different chains. and these two characters can get APY from map DAO treasury.

the LP in vaults is safe COZ this pool is for the same token exchange,and the assets is governed by map mainnet,not somebody like anyswap/celer/thorchain.
It is no risk,but earn more .


thanks for your advice


anyswap had changed crosschain fee to 0-0.1% adding destination chain gas fee now
map should lower than it