I put forward the following ideas to the MAP core team to operate and develop

Cross-chain bridge for crypto assets. MAP is a cross-chain infrastructure, but it is merely a tool to move their crypto assets from A chain to B chain for users. From this perspective, MAP is just a decentralized bridge.
The core team of MAP and the community should work together to negotiate with other DeFi projects on other public chains or initiate a vote on other DeFi projects to connect their DeFi with MAP bridge. Just like how Hiveswap is connected to MAP bridge.

For DeFi projects that connect the MAP bridge, the MAP DAO vault should reward them. For instance, if a member from the MAP community initiates a proposal on another DeFi DAO to connect MAP bridge, all the users who support the proposal will get token rewards. Also, an extra budget goes to the DeFi community users who use the cross-chain service provided by MAP bridge.

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It is important to note that almost all DeFi projects on the market adopt the DAO governance model. It does not work well enough if we directly talk to the project teams. To initiate a proposal on their DAO community is a better choice.

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i agree this way. it is good.