Increase the APR of Hiveswap's MAP-USDC

in hive swap

Liquidity: $27125.11
APR: 289.35%

Liquidity: $912311.24
APR: 458.82%

Although MAP-USDC has 3.3 times smaller liquidity than MAP-ETH,
APR is only 63% level

To attract more USDC even if it is not a fixed rate
Raise your APR


Liquidity : $271250.11
APR : 289.35%

Liquidity : $912311.24
APR : 458.82%

MAP-USDC가 MAP-ETH보다 Liquidity가 3.3배 규모가 적은데도
APR은 63%수준 밖에 되지 않습니다

고정율은 아니더라도 USDC가 더 많이 유치될 수 있도록
APR을 상향해주세요

MAP-USDC is 318.65%
MAP-ETH is 475.92%