MAPO in Hong Kong! - MAPO Academy HK

Gm, MAPOers!

我們很高興地宣布與 852Web3 合作建立一個香港社區 - MAPO Academy HK。 MAPO Academy HK 是一個由對 MAP Protocol 及跨鏈技術感興趣的成員、學習者和開發人員組成的社群。我們的社群願景是共同創造一個信息共享、協作驅動和創新的社區。
We are thrilled to announce the establishment of a Hong Kong-based community in collaboration with 852Web3 - MAPO Academy HK. MAPO Academy HK will serve as a central hub for community members, learners, and developers interested in MAP Protocol. Our goal is to create an information-sharing, collaboration-driven, and innovative community.

If you are a Cantonese or Mandarin speaker, we warmly welcome you to join our community!

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Jason (@Jason_MAPO)
Contributor of MAPO Academy HK