Pink Paper: Decentralized Publishing Platform Powered by AI


Pink Paper: Decentralized Publishing Platform Powered by AI

Project Info

Pink Paper is the golden Standard for decentralized content publishing, through which your content will not only be available throughout the existence of the digital space, but at the same time the only person who will retain ownership of the content is you. Users can come and publish blogs and other forms of content on the platform and showcase it to the world. At the same time, one can raise funds for their endeavors on the platform allowing donating to world-changing technologies. Pink Paper will provide a decentralized and censorship-free platform for everyone to use and express their views about different topics.

Github: GitHub - pinkpaper/pink-paper-frontend: This repo contains the open source frontend for

People who will work on the project

  • Name: Rupin Mathur
  • Background: He has been a Blockchain Maximalist since 2015 and an advocate of decentralization and self-sovereignty. He worked as marketing head for QuadB apparels from 2015-2017, India’s second-largest custom apparel brand where he established the first VAL (Virtual Assembly Line) basically creating hundreds of nodal points for blue-collar workers scaling the business infinitely. From 2017 onwards, he decided to go all-in Web3 and thus played a crucial part in setting up Finstreet, India’s 1st Crypto Education Platform, and scaled it to a community of 70,000+ Web3 Enthusiasts and 1.2 million social media followers.

During this journey, he worked alongside brands such as Near, Algorand, WazirX, Huobi, Polygon, Aave, and many more to help bring their respective platform’s adoption in the Indian Markets,

He has begun his journey to create and bring adoption for the Decentralized content management platform, Pink Paper


  • Responsibilities: Complete development and growth of the platform

Goals/ Milestones/Key Results

Development Roadmap:

First Phase: MVP
Timeline: 1 month

A. Building MVP on MAPO with the following features:
a. Decentralized content publishing
b. Tipping / Donations for the creators to contribute to the creators’ economy
c. A minimalistic design for content creators to ease creating content
B. Enhancing user experience while publishing and browsing, using the feedback of the community
C. Building community and establishing the community on different social platforms
D. Strategic partnerships with publishers in different domains to build diversified content on the platform.

Second Phase
Timeline: 2 months

A. Pink Paper will launch a Community Funding Platform for projects.
B. Partnerships with DAOs and projects to start publishing on the platform.
C. Enhancing the security of the publishing platform.
D. Changing the content template, where users can select from a variety of templates to showcase their blogs on.
E. Partnerships across the network to bring their content publishing on the platform.
F. Improving SEO-related services in the project over time so that relevant people get ranked in their content

We are requesting $8,000 for the completion of above development of the platform. We are requesting payment in the following tranches:
a. Upon approval: $4,000
b. Upon testnet deployment: $4,000

In what aspects of your project can expand the MAPO omnichain ecosystem?

Users can tip/donate using the MAPO along with providing options to creators for starting crowdfunding campaigns within their communities. Users can also collect NFTs of the articles published as NFTs by their favorite creator.

Discord Handle

Discord: Rupin Mathur#4042
Telegram: @rupinmathur

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