[Proposal] Modify Validator Reward Distribution Mechanism #2022-12-A002

Author: MAP Protocol
Date Created: Dec 15
Date Published: Dec 15


Epoch Rewards is distributed to incentivize validators on MAPO Relay Chain for keeping network safe, stable and smooth. The reward distribution currently solely depends on validator’s uptime performance. The team decides to add other metrics to improve fairness of reward distribution scheme.


The total delegated votes is a crucial factor for a validator. It can determine the election of a validator and it can also reflects a certain validator’s node stability and uptime performance. Hence, the team decides to add total delegated votes as a new parameter in reward distribution calculation.


The new distribution scheme will now be depended on two factors:

P = the weight of ‘voteDelegated’ received by a validator;

Q = the weight of ‘performanceScore’ got by a validator during epochs

then we have:

P+Q = 1

and the total reward distributed T to a validator is calculated as:

T = totalRewards * (P * voteDelegated/totalVotes + Q * performanceScore/totalScores)


totalRewards’ is the total rewards allocated for all validators during the epoch;

​ ‘totalVotes’ is the amount of votes delegated to all validators ;

​ ‘totalScores’ is the total scores earned by all validators during the epoch;

​ the current proposed value for P is 0.6;

The commission C generated by a validator during an epoch is also modified as followed:

C =T * comision * performanceScore


​ ‘commission’ is the parameter set by validator during registration;

​ ‘performanceScore’ is used here to penalize validators without 100% uptime performance;


The modification of the reward distribution function will be in

Validator.sol: atlas-contracts/Validators.sol at main · mapprotocol/atlas-contracts · GitHub

Security Considerations

No security risk

  • Let’s modify
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this will keep validators working more consistently. I support this

I believe this is a well structured mode of distribution

I believe this will encourage validators to do more

Validators on this, this is more a transperent and fair metric for distribution