Representation for MAPO in Europe. Builders, developers, dApps -> odApps, events, etc

Hey MAPO protocol team,

It’s Nick. I’m writing to you to start a conversation about my possible involvement in the MAPO protocol ecosystem and to initiate a chat about my ability to contribute knowledge and expertise to the successful accomplishment of the protocol’s aligned goals.

Let’s have a talk on how my expertise and trusted connections in the crypto community can help you to have a solid and quality representation in the European region and support building a huge community of developers porting dApps to the MAPO protocol or creating brand new Omnichain dApps (odApp).

Let me start with a short story behind this mail. A few days ago I was reached by Kari and she asked me if we can discuss the building for the community of Ukrainian developers around MAPO. She also sent me the intro links and documentation to review.

I had enough time to review everything she shared with me and for the time being I’ve already formed a clear idea about the state of the project and goals.

What I can assume and summarise as a so-called Big Goal of the protocol as at today is 2 main points (subjectively):

  • Building brand new odApps using MAPO protocol technology;
  • Create a continuous and seamless transformation for existing (multi-chain) dApps to odApps;

Key performers for reaching both these goals are individual developers and builder communities, existing multichain dApps owners and their teams in the vast web3 ecosystem.

Engaging builders and dApps is what I’ve been doing for 2021-2022 when I was employed at Harmony protocol (PoS EVM compatible L1 protocol).

Dozens of projects (startups and already operational dApps) came to Harmony with me. My solid connections in the crypto industry helped me to organise the company’s own events (500+ attendees) and side events during the crypto developers’ global hackathons in Amsterdam, Lisbon, etc. I presented Harmony at conferences as a speaker.

With all that said, I’d like to share my vision and strategy for presenting the MAPO protocol in the European region with you if you can accept starting a conversation with me.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Nick V

cc @Kari_MAPO @map1108

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Hi Nick,glad to see your proposal. let’s talk in telegram. thanks.


Sending you dm with the link to the telegram group to chat more


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