[share & discuss]My takes on FTX Saga

The recent FTX crisis has been all over the crypto space… Although quite disheartening and absurd, it is the perfect wake-up call for those who rebrand the same centralized tricks to decentralization.

After reading James’ letter to the community, I really feel MAPO is truly one of a kind infrastructure project – 100% decentralized! not marketing talk, but their tech/code shows it all!

I think with the cold bear market and the ftx nightmare, it is time for web3 and the market to rethink about what is decentralization and why it matters.

Heyy community, what’s your take on FTX and CeFi? And what do you think about MAP Protocol?


its painful when things like this (FTX CRASH) happens its also create negative remark on crypto , but that doesnt mean we will stop building as a matter of fact we are learning from our mistakes crypto keeps getting better everyday. now not your keys not your crypto is trending but there are actually good and transparent centralise exchange like binance/gate.io/kucoin for instance they have been here for a lomg time and they will always be here
ftx mistake was a risk they were willing to take you dont trade or use customers fund without their permission that was bad

to conclude this