[Stay updated for the next openning] MAP Omnichain Builder Grants Program

The MAP Foundation is looking for both individual builders and teams to join MAP’s mission to make a secure, interoperable, and seamless omnichain future a reality .

Builders will be selected based on responses to the linked questionnaire, with preference given to innovative projects that benefit the MAP ecosystem.

Selected applicants will be awarded upon achieving specific milestones. MAP Foundation grants vary in size and type of currency depending on the application quality and opportunity, with the possibility of additional MAP token rewards.

Overall Flow

1. Fill the form Application form

Please fill the form as required and provide answers with clarity and truthfulness.

2. Give u or ur project an intro on the forum

Once the project has passed evaluation, introduce themselves and their project in an information thread on MAP forum. Developer Program Template - Builders | Partnerships - MAP Protocol Forum

3. Join MAP Discord Server

Discord is where can get more immediate help or response from the MAP foundation, so it’s recommended to join the MAP Discord Server and ask the Mods to give you the “MAP Builder” role.

4. Share project updates

Make monthly updates and a final report on work progress/results. You can start a new topic on the forum to share the progress, roadblocks, and anything you’d like to share with the community.

Application Process

1. Application: Just fill out the application form! Make sure you have read and understood our scope and criteria below. After submitting, you’ll receive a confirmation email within two business days.
2. Evaluation: Every submission is read and considered by the MAP team. You most likely won’t hear from us during the evaluation process, but you’re always welcome to get in touch - either reach out to us in Discord or simply reply to the confirmation email if you have questions or think of anything else we should know.
3. Decision: Unless we reach out to clarify anything on your application, you can expect to hear back from us with a final decision around two weeks after you submit it.
4. Activation: We sign a grant agreement and complete KYC.
5. Completion: We send out funds so you can get to work. Once you’ve received funds and begin to work on your grant, you’ll first give a short intro about your project & your project goals. You will also update your work progress on a monthly basis. Then, share your final results in a report, blog post or video.


We’re flexible about the would-be projects in many ways, but we do have some hard rules for the projects we fund:

  • Work funded by MAP grants must benefit MAP in a way that aligns with MAP’s mission and scope.
  • Any output must be open source or otherwise freely available; for-profit companies are welcome to apply but the specific grant funded work must be non-commercial.


We are happy to hear from all kinds of builders who are working within our scope:

  • Individuals, teams or organizations.
  • Newcomers to MAP Protocol, established projects, past grantees or applicants.
  • Projects at any point in the development process: just an idea, early stages, proof of concept, or with significant progress already made. However, we do not fund past work.
  • Builders of any age, origin, identity or background.

Tips for submitting your application

The information you submit in the application form is what we’ll use to make a final decision about your grant application, so take the time to understand what we’re looking for and answer the form questions thoughtfully.

When evaluating your application, we look for much more than just an explanation of the proposed work. In order to determine the potential impact on the ecosystem, we need a deeper understanding of both the “why” and the “how” of the project. Some things to keep in mind:

  • Be realistic: we’ll consider the funding amount you request in relation to the proposed scope of work, so go with a number that reflects what you think you’ll need for the specific work in your proposal. Remember that being awarded a grant now doesn’t mean you can’t apply for additional funding later!
  • Be specific: we want you to share your grand vision - but you also need to tell us, concretely, how you plan to achieve your goals.
  • Be thorough: the more information you can provide in a grant application, the better. We encourage you to provide any supporting documents such as whitepapers, research papers, or slides from presentations you’ve given about your project.
  • Show your work: we expect you to have made a meaningful effort to validate and refine your approach and research what other solutions are being developed, and to be able to articulate how yours is different.
  • Dig deeper: we want to know what problem you’re trying to solve, but also why you think it’s important to solve that specific problem, how solving it will benefit MAP and how it fits within our mission.
  • Think broader: how does your project connect to, complement and enable the work of others? How can you make sure your work stays relevant and has a sustained impact?

Ready to Apply?

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Hey @admin! Can the Bug Bounty Proposal by Hats Finance be considered under the scope of grants?

For reference: Bug Bounty Proposal by Hats Finance #2022-10-B001

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