Tech Grant Application - Omnichain Oracle Protocol

Project Info

Omnioracle is the world’s first Oracle that supports data query on the entire chain. Through omnioracle, you can obtain data on the entire chain in the fastest way. Not only the EVM chain, but also all non-EVM chains can eventually be accessed.

Goals/ Milestones/Key Results

Phase0(pre-pilot, MVP version)

Timeline:2 week
  1. Supported public chain(Map related)
    1. Polygon、BSC、Ethereum
  2. Support price data of related Dex
    1. QuickSwap、Pancake v2 v3、Uniswap v2 v3 etc
  3. Supported currency pairs
  4. Goal
    1. Feasibility verification

Phase1(pilot version)

Timeline:2 month
  1. Supported public chain
    1. Klaytn、PlatON、Avalanche etc
  2. Support price data of related Dex
    1. All other Uni v2 v3 framework contracts are supported, and at the same time, details are improved for the price acquisition of existing Dex
    2. Support for non-Uni series contracts, including Balancer, DODO etc.
    3. Support Curve
  3. Supported currency pairs
    1. Mainstream currency pair support
  4. Servicing
    1. Core Scheduling Service
      1. Automatically execute multi-chain price data acquisition and writing, including active price feeding mode and on-demand price pulling mode
      2. price aggregation
    2. Early warning service
      1. Price Deviation Alarm Monitoring
      2. Off-chain scheduling service monitoring
      3. Blockchain Status Monitoring
  5. Goal
    1. Connect with partners, test the commercialization market, and understand the basic commercialization needs of customers
    2. Service version (v0)
    3. Stability, Security, Confidentiality

Funding plan

We need $10,000 to complete the above work, which mainly includes several parts of cost: salary of technicians (back-end and front-end developers), infrastructure costs (including service-related costs and mainnet deployment costs), third-party service costs (including RPC costs, etc. )

We expect funds to be disbursed in the following installments:

  1. Upon approval:$2,000 - for initial project planning and development environment build-out
  2. MVP version stage completion:$2,000 for further development work and staff recruitment
  3. The pilot version is developed to about 30%: the remaining US$6,000 is used for follow-up personnel expenses and service improvement costs

Part Code details

IMOSV3.MessageData memory mData = IMOSV3.MessageData(false, IMOSV3.MessageType.CALLDATA, abi.encodePacked(xCore), abi.encodeWithSelector(, key, reserve), 500000, 0);

(uint256 amount,) = IMOSV3(mos).getMessageFee(toChainId, address(0), 500000);

    IMOSV3(mos).transferOut{value: amount}(
    "send request failed"