To the management of MAP, I propose(맵 운영진에 제안합니다)


I tried pancake swap, dodoex, etc.
It was convenient and nice.
■ Advantages of them

  1. Since many assets are deposited, there is almost no drop in assets during swap.
  2. Supports many networks.
  3. Supports many tokens.
  4. In case of bridging or swap, it is cheap and fast.

■ Advantages of MAP Bridge or Hive Swap

  1. Bridging is easy and asset exchange is much faster.
  2. Fees are much lower.
  3. I think it will be better in terms of security.

But now it’s just a shell.
why i think so

  1. If you want to bridge or swap, you need to have assets deposited, but there are too few.(volt)
  2. Too few networks are supported.
  3. Too few tokens supported.

■ my proposal

  1. I think that the technology of the MAP protocol can support much more networks right away.
    Please apply more networks quickly
    (Requires first application > trx, solana, klaytn, avalanche, kcc)

  2. Tokens can be applied immediately. Please support more tokens

  3. Please open the ability to deposit assets quickly (Vault)
    If there are too few deposited assets, the asset decline is too severe at the time of swap.

■ Reason for proposal

  1. Since the bridge was opened a year ago, few networks have been added. It is possible enough, but it seems to have been pushed back in priority. Very important.
  2. If the proposal is applied, much more people will use MAP.
    Then, I think that the transaction volume will increase naturally and the planned things will be resolved well.

No matter how well it is made, its value cannot be recognized if it is not used.
Omni-chain is good and cross-chain is good.
It is also good for dapp developers.

But the basics seem to come first.

look at the map scan
There are few trades.

It is rare that the mainnet is opened and there is no transaction like this.
First of all, there must be a lot of transactions.

As I have used several bridges and swaps, the possibility of MAP is very high.
As mentioned above, it’s fast and cheap. And it’s safe.

So let’s stick to the basics

  1. Let’s open the vault and deposit assets (basically reward with MAP)
  2. Let’s add a lot of networks
  3. Let’s support as many network-specific tokens as possible
    (In order of popular tokens > usdt, usdc, busd, btc, eth, matic, bnb, etc.)

I am well aware that Mapprotocol has a lot of plans.
But please take my suggestion seriously

PS : It was not intended to confuse the MAP management team.
Please understand for the development of MAP, as we have suggested the ones that can be applied as easily as possible.


pancake 스왑, dodoex 등을 사용해보았습니다.
편리하고 좋았습니다.
■ 이들의 장점

  1. 자산이 많이 예치되어있어 스왑시 자산하락이 거의 없다.
  2. 많은 네트워크를 지원한다.
  3. 많은 토큰을 지원한다.
  4. 브릿지나 스왑시 저렴하고 빠르게 처리가 된다.

■ MAP브릿지나 하이브스왑의 장점

  1. 브릿지가 간편하고 자산교환이 훨씬 더 빠릅니다.
  2. 수수료가 훨씬 더 저렴합니다.
  3. 보안측면에서 더 우수할 것이라 생각 됩니다.

하지만 지금은 그냥 껍데기만 있습니다.
내가 그렇게 생각하는 이유는

  1. 브릿지든 스왑이든 하려면 자산이 예치되어 있어야 하는데 너무 적습니다(볼트)
  2. 지원하는 네트워크가 너무 적습니다.
  3. 지원하는 토큰이 너무 적습니다.

■ 나의 제안

  1. MAP프로토콜의 기술력이면 훨씬 더 많은 네트워크를 당장이라도 지원할 수 있다고 생각합니다.
    좀 더 많은 네트워크를 빠르게 적용하여 주세요
    (우선 적용 필요 > trx, solana, klaytn, avalanche, kcc)

  2. 토큰은 즉시라도 적용이 가능합니다. 더 많은 토큰을 지원해주세요

  3. 자산을 예치할 수 있는 기능을 빨리 오픈하여 주세요(볼트)
    예치된 자산이 너무 적으면 스왑시 자산하락이 너무 심합니다.

■ 제안이유

  1. 1년전 브릿지가 오픈된 이후 네트워크가 거의 추가 되지 않고 있습니다. 충분히 가능한데, 우선순위에서 밀린 것 같습니다. 아주 중요합니다.
  2. 제안이 적용되면 훨씬 많은 사람들이 MAP을 이용하게 될 것 입니다.
    그럼 자연스레 거래량도 늘어나고 계획한 것들이 잘 해결 될 것이라 생각합니다.

아무리 잘 만들어도 사용이 되지 않으면 그 가치는 인정받을 수가 없습니다.
옴니체인도 좋고 크로스체인도 좋습니다.
dapp개발자들에게 좋다는 것도 좋습니다.

그러나 기본이 먼저 인 것 같습니다.

맵스캔을 보세요
거래가 거의 없습니다.

메인넷을 오픈하고 이렇게 거래가 없는 경우는 잘 없습니다.
일단 거래가 많아야 합니다.

제가 여러 브릿지나 스왑을 이용해보니 MAP의 가능성이 아주 큽니다.
위에도 언급했지만 빠르고, 저렴합니다. 그리고 안전합니다.

그럼 기본에 충실합시다

  1. 볼트 오픈하여 자산을 예치할 수 있도록 합시다(기본은 MAP으로 보상)
  2. 네트워크를 많이 추가합시다
  3. 네트워크별 토큰을 최대한 많이 지원합시다
    (인기있는 토큰 순으로 > usdt, usdc, busd, btc, eth, matic, bnb 등등)

맵프로토콜이 많은 계획을 하고 있다는 것 잘 알고 있습니다.
하지만 저의 제안을 중요하게 생각해주세요

PS : MAP운영진에 혼란을 드리고자 한 것은 아닙니다.
최대한 어렵지 않게 적용이 가능한 것들을 우선적으로 제안한 것이니 MAP의 발전을 위해 양해바랍니다.


Hey, I am co-founder of map labs, and map foundation director, JAMES XYC.

So sorry for your worries. Also, as a 4 years long-time developed cross-chain technology paradigm project, MAP’s code and engineering is so slow. But, the good news is that, map protocol is going to operate before end of this year.

Different from other cross-chains, MAP Protocol team chose a hard buy Right way 4 years ago, the way is to build an omnichain infrastructure which is non-privilege, provable decentralized,100% SATOSHI consensus, dapps-friendly usage.

Folks always ask map team, why so slowly? Why others can so quickly? Anyone who has little cryptography or Layer1 experience or knowledge can be impressed by MAP’s design and hard work in back of it. And they must get that other cross-chain solutions either have privilege role(MPC/Oracle) or no EVM chain coverage (COSMOS).

Folks know that Cantonese cuisine soup is delicious, but few one know that this soup need to
cooked more than 6 hours.

The World don’t need one more cross-chain solution that has the same flaw.
The world needs a cross-chain that is flawless, that is paradigm, that is 100% SATOSHI consensus. THAT IS MAP PROTOCOL!

If we chose MPC or Oracle (privilege role for cross-chain verification), MAP Core team can online and cross all chains in 8 months, not needing almost 4 years.

Why map is so slow?what is detail?
The hardest part is to design it, no paradigm can learn. MAP core team have to design it for themselves. Another is, MAP Relay Chain need to precompile all chain’s Hash&Signature algorithm embedded into map relay chain’s EVM layer, No one do so hard engineer before. It is extremely hard, but if no doing, MAP cannot achieve a light-client cross chain verification network which is a paradigm, so sexy, so amazing.

Above is the past four years what core team did, maybe it is looks like stupid in this quick-money area. But map community has our own faith, we have the mission, to build a paradigm for cross-chain.

After relay chain launched, the next step is to connect all chains. This phase is also hard-skill, because map core developers need to deploy each chains’ light client on other chain as smart contract. The cross chain project Nomad, knew as lost 190Mn, announced that is hard to develop light client on each chain and giving up this solution early this year. But map developers can do it.

What is launching plan.
As what you see, the light client of bsc/ near/ethW had been audit now, after CERTIK finishs work, the BSC/ NEAR/ETHW’s cross chain will launch immediately, maybe in few days.

The next chain queue is
End of this year :Ethereum2.0, Klaytn, Polygon alive officially.
End of next year: all thriving chains,such as aptos,sui,flow,xrpl,iotex,kcc.

map protocol is for dapp, not for user directly .
Map is an omnichain infrastructure for dapps covering all chains’ users/assets. So for that, we developed the mos layer. With it, dapp can convert to omnichain dapp in simple way. Map protocol’s main job is to verify cross-chain’valid, isnot a bridge. AS all know, map not just support bridge assets, but also data and nft.

Why map relay chain active data is so low?
Map relay chain is for cross-chain verification, isnot a normal the data will get better after connecting near and bnbchain.

Why donot open the hiveswap’s TVL minning?
Hiveswap tvl mining is a community issue, not engineering, so please give proposal to governance.

Any other defi will launch on map relay chain?
Sure, I know one team is developing a LIDO-like application, so delegates can have liquidity after staking mine.

How to promote more dapps using map protocol?
It is easier than engineering MAP, we had determined ambitious plan, from dapp developers and community marketing to academy scholar plan. Forks can see it in forum list.

Why no new exchange listing $MAP
It is a sensitive topic. I don’t think exchange don’t like MAP: the paradigm of cross-chain.Actually, Core team had got several invitations for top10 CEX. More details can’t be public, thank you for comprehension.

What is map’s important points in next year.
Certainly, more dapps use map protocol, our first step aims to over cosmos’ active DAU and cross-chain verification assets.And more eco dapps can give benefit to community members, such as airdrop.

Why develop ZK?
ZK is for lowered the cross-chain gas fee, it is benefit for dapps and community. ZK engineering will be finished in the end of next year.

What map family believes in is “Long-term/ Paradigm/Difference/Hard-but-right”.
Also, all MAP community has this faith, certainly.


Hey @mapgnbon! Its an awesome proposal, appreciate your time and effort. Considering the recent CEX-war shenanigans, i believe that experienced (heavy-weight) traders and investors will resort more to the protocols/solutions like Map Protocol and i believe that most of them will be more inclined to have high-security standards. Accordingly, its a really striking point to highlight the security aspect of Map to onboard more of them to use Map. Lastly, i would like to urge MAP management to take the bug bounty proposal by Hats Finance into consideration in this regard.

For reference: Bug Bounty Proposal by Hats Finance #2022-10-B001

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