We need an announcement about liquidity on Hiveswap

APR on MAP-ETH has decreased rapidly without big change of liquidity.

There is no clear announcement about it despite some users’ claims.

We need an official announcement about the reason, whether change of the governance or technical fault.

If the reason is change of the governance, Map protocol had to announce it first.

I think the Map protocol’s communication is not going well.

Please communicate with users clearly.

Thank you for reading.

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imo, 300-580% apy is too high for big inflation, it is harmful to community long term development.

In the DAO proposal of this so high APY of hiveswap that said apy will decline, I think it is as going as proposal. It is no error.

Some confused thing is about DAO government rule, team should release more transparent dao rule ASAP.

This dose governing community, but also restricting team power.

We all get lots of reward from hive LP, it is time to concern more important matter for map.

Thank you for reading and taking attention.

james XY