We want to know the reason of slogan changed


Map team announced a new slogan.

We want to know the reason for the change in detail.

We expected some reasons.

  1. MAP is not a truly decentralized anymore

  2. Truly decentralized is not competitive because there are too many truly decentralized chains

  3. Introduce the MAP wider and easier to people

or other reasons.

Please confirm about it.

Some people are surprised about ‘truly decentralized’ gone.

Thank you for reading.

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Thanks for your support and feedback. Decentralization is our cornerstone. MAP Protocol was, is and will continue to be truly decentralized.

The reason of changing slogan is to emphasize the new postioning of MAP Protocol - support Dapp deployment, commercialized, cost-efficient, highly secure and completely transparent, which still reflects the true nature of decentralization yet points out the key differences comparing to other so called “decentralized” cross-chain projects in the market. Another reason is also because there are many decentralized chains.

With new slogan and positioning, together with our Community, with you, MAP Protocol will never stop moving forward.

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