Where is the value of map in the blockchain?

the market has given high expectations to the ‘fake’ cross-chain projects like Thorchain and Anyswap. I believe that we now need a truly decentralized cross-chain like MAP. MAP protocol, the first-ever decentralized cross-chain globally, will be given a fair market value and will be joined by more and more native community members.


From what I understand MAP uses PoS mechanism to manage each cross-chain asset pool contract on the main chain. And relayers are responsible for the cross-chain transactions. The security of the smart contracts depends on the safety of the main chain. Public chains such as Cosmos and Terra, which use PoS mechanism, have never experienced any crypto-hack events. And Ethereum 2.0 also adopts the PoS mechanism.


you guys research deeply


I have recently joint the Map protocol and trying to learn more .their team look hard working and trying to deliver good platform for adopters to earn and learn .which is good .


So far so good, from the previous tasks being carried out by the team, it shows that MAP is highly committed to this project and the strategy of learn and earn explored by the team deserves 5 :star: