Why Startups Are Choosing the Binance Clone Script?

In recent times, there has been a significant rise in the popularity of Binance clone scripts among cryptocurrency businesses. Here are several important reasons to use Binance for startups. It offers a lot of features to its users. Binance has a trading volume of $11,048,375,339 in the last 24 hours and $5.89T in the last 7 days.

Binance’s most popular trading pair is BTC/USDT. It’s trusted by millions of users worldwide. So, by using a Binance Clone Script, startups are piggybacking on Binance’s success. It’s like having a famous friend who opens your doors in the crypto world. It is a Centralized exchange that ranks No.1 on the BitDegree Exchange Tracker.

Due to its popularity, many Startups are willing to start their crypto exchange like Binance with Binance Clone Scripts. Business people choose the Binance clone script mainly for its quick launch and its fascinating revenue features.

Here, we see the revenue factors of Binance,

Trading Fees:

Any cryptocurrency exchange’s primary revenue stream is trading fees. Users can set different trading fees for different types of transactions using the software used to develop the Binance clone. The platform owner has the option to charge a fixed percentage of trade volume or a flat fee for each transaction.

Margin Trading:

This program allows users to lend funds to trade cryptocurrencies. The exchange platform may impose a fee on borrowed cash, earning revenue for the company.

Listing Fees:

The exchange platform may charge an administrative fee for listing new coins on the site. This expense can be one-time or recurring.

API Access:

The exchange platform may charge a fee to third-party developers for API access. This could be a one-time or recurring fee.

Token Sales:

The exchange platform can hold token sales for new cryptocurrencies, generating revenue through the sale of tokens.

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