Community Updates

This is a break down of all ongoing event and concluded event

Ongoing Event
In an attempt to onboard more developers
Map protocol launches the mapo developer ambassador program
Full details can be seen here

We also have a campaign for community members for everyone dev or not …
You can participate in the BUILDL REFERRAL CAMPAIGN
Complete information can be found here

We also have weekly quiz competition

Check the #competition channel

Concluded event

Just as we are bout to launch the near to bnb cross chain we have officially form close allegiance and partnership with near protocol

The community ambassador program (media/marketing dao )
After receiving 250 to 300 applications the mapo team have selected 40 comrades

If you have any suggestions
Pls use the #suggestions channel on discord

Go through our doc To know more bout map protocol

How to add map mainnet

You can reach out to me @happy_stephen#7414 or to @akarihe#3768
On Discord

Also note mapo core team and admins will never dm you first
Have a nice day everyone

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