[Draft] Proposal For Community Leveraging Marketing Campaign(MAPO SQUAD) #2023- 03 - A004


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Date Created: [22 - March 2023]

Date Published: [3rd- April, 2023]


Leveraging the community network to create awareness, educate the community, build a stronger ecosystem, and attract loyal supporters and contributors who understand the protocol. we are using an onboarding replication approach using the principle of each one bringing many to facilitate a productive and community-driven marketing effort



Why are we making this proposal?

MAP protocol has innovative and 100% Nakamoto Style cross-chain communication built on Light-Client and Zero-Knowledge technology, cost-effective and Effortless integration via SDKs for straightforward omnichain app deployment providing scalable solutions to the existing blockchain limitations.

this is huge! the world needs to know


Many promising projects are out there today, but they are often outperformed by those less deserving. part of the reasons are the level of visibility they create, rate of adoption, the number of people talking about the projects, and the level of community awareness on what and how the project’s approaches are in solving the problems**, general knowledge about the protocol among others. Influencer marketing is essential but not without limitations, including universal coverage, effective communication to the audience, cost and scalability, etc.

All and flexibly many others are among what this proposal aims to address.

What problem or opportunity does this proposal target?

  • Create more Visibility and Networking

  • Education

  • Create Awareness

  • Facilitate Organic promotion

  • Community involvement

  • Members/users onboarding

What are the driving factors behind why you think this is a good idea?

Leveraging and involving the community and its network in the marketing effort will facilitate wider and organic promotion and onboarding,

educating the community about the protocol and its use cases will facilitate stronger community, scalable loyalty, and long-term user retention, not just a seasonal hype.

Community members from different parts of the world should have the opportunity to get incentives for contributing to the success and growth of the protocol with minimal onboarding barriers possible while addressing the limitations of influencer marketing.

MAPO awareness should transcend geographic limitations and reach a broader Audience.


Targeted Social Media:






other media as deemed relevant/beneficial

Target Audience

  • Early adopters and Researches

  • Investors and traders

  • Developers and entrepreneurs

  • Existing blockchain users

  • Industry professionals and enterprises

  • Crypto curious and enthusiasts


Daily Roll call:

The task will be likes and retweets of posts from MAP official accounts, an influencer talking about MAP, and any other relevant thread about the MAP/use case. Weekly or bi-weekly small rewards are allocated for consistent participants to motivate users to do tasks.

Daily Mission:

Like/retweet + comment/quote tweet of:

MAP posts, influencer/users posts about MAP, influencer posts on topics relevant to MAP Usecase, etc with educative comments phrased in participants’ own words to spread awareness and knowledge about MAP guided by curated onboarding content for reference. using Community memes, infographics, GIFs, etc to be used by participants to communicate the message In a quality-controlled manner best.

Individual post:

This will be in form of time-to-time contests on specific or general topics, featuring MAP Announcements, use cases, recent Ecosystem updates, etc. The best 3 posts in each contest attract a token reward.

Thread suggestion

Community members suggest a potential thread or post to engage with appropriate marketing comments. For appropriate Mission suggestions, a small token will be tipped to that user

Resources needed for the campaign: Memes, Infographics, GIFS, Brief onboarding guide/Content on protocol overview.


Team Lead- coordinate program operations, and execution, KPIs, and reward distribution and reporting.

Content Coordinator- lead content curation and communication, identifying and distributing relevant threads for engagement with the help of the community.

Quality Assurance- ensure accurate and productive information is communicated by the participants, ensuring quality over quantity. this will include members of the MAP team.

MAPO Squad: All community members who are willing to participate in the MAPO community-building campaign.


  • Separate MAP squads Section on the MAPO discord server to manage task distribution, submission, and communication.
  • Crew3 to manage missions.
  • Google form to retrieve and manage participants’ records for better coordination.
  • cloud storage medium eg google drive to manage promotion resources such as memes, amos, infographics, contents, etc,
  • electronic means of task submission(Google Sheets), a tip bot for reward distribution, or any other means most convenient and transparent.

Participants: Existing and potential Community members, any member has on meeting the agreed requirements, an equal chance to participate in telling the world what they are supporting.

There will be a consistent coordination and dynamic adoption to support resilience In keeping up with primary KPIs and industry trends

Financial Implications

Incentives (a reference to the above example under the KPIs section, the exact amount depends on funds allocated and participation):

$0.1 worth of MAP per mission per user?

$25- 100 worth MAP/day= $750- $3000 worth MAP monthly

$100 monthly for contests,


Team Lead- $700

Content Lead - $500

Meme contest, infographics(First month only, subtracted onwards)- $400

sub total= $1200 + $300*

Quality Assurance - consists of the Team lead, content lead, and Map team. Compensation is covered in the above amount

Total Monthly=

$2250 - $4500 worth of MAP per month( unused balance will be rolled over and included in monthly report).

Success Metrics or KPIs

  • MAP awareness.

  • MAP Protocol Education.

  • Onboarding of new users.

  • Increasing engagement in existing social handles, and better communication with the audience.

  • Number of participants and their level of engagement.

  • Mention, Reach, and impressions on social media platforms.

  • Number of new followers and interactions with the project’s social media channels

Estimated Projection: Depending on average daily participation for example:

Average Daily participants: 25 -100

Average Daily Missions: 5-10

Average Day Roll Call(likes and retweets/quote tweets, does not attract regular incentives but occasionally to facilitate participation): 5-10

will produce:

Estimated Average daily engagement of MAP and relevant threads - 250- 1000

Estimated Average daily likes/retweets- 250- 1000

Reporting/ Accounting:

Detailed reports on campaign success, KPIs tracking, spending, and participation will be published in the forum every month for transparency

Next Steps

  • Call for participation
  • Generating a one-stop shop for campaign resources,
  • Applicants evaluation and contacting eligible participants
  • Role assignment to participants (Map squad)
  • Toolings configurations(bot, Channels, Crew3…)

Implementation Plan

Week 1: Planning and Preparation

  • Gather campaign resources
  • Set participation criteria and screening process
  • Receive and evaluate entries
  • Campaign section creation on Discord Server
  • Role assignment to participants on the discord server
  • Onboarding
  • Define campaign objectives and procedures for MAPO community members.
  • Budget=
  • $200- meme, infographics, Amos, through the contest.

Week 2-3: Campaign Launch and Execution

  • Launch the campaign on social media channels and other relevant platforms.
  • Encourage members to participate in daily activities and share their progress.
  • Project Management by Authors
  • Quality control
  • The first phase of the weekly Reward distribution
  • Community call to Provide support, and retrieve community feedback

Week 4 - Evaluation Analytics And Reporting

  • Evaluate progress,
  • Identify potential improvements if any
  • Reporting - Monthly report on the participation rate, spending, and KPIs tracking.
  • Community Feedback and implementations.
  • Rollover of process


Squad & Lead

Adamu Lawal(Lead):

3 years of marketing and community management, DAO contributor, and Blockchain enthusiast.

Ledum Peter-(Head of content, support):

4 years of experience as a web 2 and web 3 designer and content creator, Currently a Business and Ecosystem developer. 1 year of experience as a community manager and a strong enthusiasm for blockchain protocols.

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  • No, I did not support this proposal

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This is a nice and very good proposal

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Thank you @gadanya for finding time to go through our proposal.

This is a nice and brilliant proposal.

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This proposal is very innovative and would be good for the community

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Thank you ebun for finding our proposal innovative.
We can’t wait to work with the community In growing the ecosystem when this is approved

@Stephen @rabbit_11bit @mapfans happy to hear feedbacks from the community